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Outdoor Lighting


Transform your outdoor living space into a warm, inviting haven with our landscape lighting services. With our low voltage lighting systems and expert uplighting and accent lighting techniques, we'll create a nighttime oasis perfect for entertaining family and friends. Our lighting designs also provide added security to your property and highlight the unique architecture of your home. Contact us today to start planning your dream outdoor space!

A few of our favorite lighting techniques....



We specialize in adding soft, ambient light to trees and landscaping, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. No harsh glare here- just a beautiful glow that will make your yard feel like a relaxing retreat.

Accents and Shadows 

Accent and shadow lights are a great way to turn a dull space into a work of art. We specialize in accent lighting that highlights the textures moving around the space, shadows dancing on the walls, and even light up a moving water. If you're looking for something that sets your space apart, look no further than accent lights.

Light Repair and Service

Have an existing system that needs repairs or updates? Wildstone is happy to take care of any maintenance issues and offer creative solutions at an honest price.


Downlights can be mounted in trees or on structures, providing a mesmerizing full moon glow effect to transform your space into a cozy seating area or enhance security around your property. 

Path and Walkway

We help you create a well-lit, beautiful and secure property that fully meets your needs. Our lights are designed not only to guide your way but also to define different areas of your property, giving it a touch of elegance while enhancing your safety and security.

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